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The House Mouse always looks for a warm environment and shelter of buildings for nesting sites and food. They are usually detected from their droppings, smear marks near entry points, or damage to food stored in kitchen cupboards or under the sink, packaging, or woodwork.

An adult mice couple may produce around 2000 pups in a year if circumstances are favorable and healthy for them.

They can climb up rough surfaces and need a pencil-sized tiny hole to squeeze through. They need to gnaw all the time to keep their incisor teeth worn down to a constant length. They can chew Electric cables, water and gas pipes, packaging, and woodwork causing power cuts and diseases. The average mouse deposits 30 – 70 droppings in 24 hours and urinates frequently to mark its territory.

Mice are nocturnal, sporadic feeders and nibbling at many sources of food rather than depending on any one item. They do not need free water to drink as they normally obtain sufficient moisture from their food.

How We Can Help?

We can treat mice with anti-coagulant poisons that are put in tamper-proof boxes in areas out of children and pets’ reach. We also use traditional trapping systems.

Before Our Visit:

Please keep clear access to the loft space.

⦁ Make your kitchen units as clear as you can to get easy access to where the mice are more active.

⦁ If the problem is in the bathroom, please ensure we can get access under your bath.

During Our Visit:

We collect dead mice if visible and accessible.

After Our Visit:

Cleaning up of all droppings is highly recommended after the visit so that you can know if the problem is on – going.

⦁ If we can retrieve mice that have died then we will, but sometimes this is not possible

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