What are Wasp Control?

The Wasp Control is a social winged insect that has a narrow waist and a sting and is typically yellow with black stripes. It constructs a paper nest from wood pulp and raises the larvae on a diet of insects.

Wasp And Bee Removal Services in Nottingham & Derby:

If you are unfortunate enough to have a swarm of bees or wasps at your property, you will need the services of the professionals here at Pulse Pest Control. We can remove nuisance bees and wasps safely, carrying out wasp removal in Nottingham and Derby effectively and promptly.

Affordable Bee and Wasp Control Removal In Nottingham:

Whether you are a residential or commercial customer we can provide you with affordable and effective wasp and bee removal services at your home, office, or place of work. As in most cases little can be done to prevent bees from entering a property the most common action is taken by pest removal is to remove the colonies leaving no harm to the bees.

Professionals Need to Do the Job!

Bees and wasps, whether you like them or not, are very important to the environment and need to be dealt with efficiently yet effectively. We understand that them being at your property is an inconvenience, so we work around your schedule to safely remove them from your home or business without damaging the colony, causing as little disruption to your everyday tasks as possible.

Wasp Control in Derby:

Wasp Control, on the other hand, are more likely to sting or even attack and can be a problem once a nest is at your property. The most common signs of wasps being present at your property are the signs of a nest, or a nest forming over time, usually before the summer months begin. These can be found in the eaves at your property, in the ground, and also in any gaps in your cavity walls. Although not much can be done to prevent the nest from being created, the team here at Pulse Pest Control is highly skilled in removing them without causing alarm or irritation from the wasps at your premises.

Wasp And Bee Control Across Nottingham:

If you have concerns about wasps and bees at your home, office or place of work call us now. Our team is on hand all year round to remove any pest from your property and is always available for advice regarding pests.


During the winter only the queen will survive, hibernating and then emerging to make a new nest and start laying eggs to hatch into worker wasps.


In the spring you may spot larger than normal Wasp Control. These are queen wasps emerging from their overwintering place which could be placed as diverse as the warm folds of a curtain, a cozy crevice in a shed, or a loft. The queen wasps will be on the scout for a new place to build a nest and lay their eggs. You’ll certainly know it’s a queen if it stings you because only the female wasps have the distinctive stinger, which they can use repeatedly unlike bees.


At this time of year, Wasp Control feed their young on other smaller insects or spiders so they tend not to bother us too much but at the end of the summer the adults will be searching for sugary foods and if there is a colony near humans can become serious pests as they will sting if humans threaten them.

End of the summer:

At the end of the summer season, worker Wasp Control return to the nest and die. Only the queen survives. The queen will never use the old nest (probably because it’s full of dead wasps) and build a new wasp nest, creating a single cell at the end of a petiole. Six more cells are then added to create the hexagonal shape.

High-Level Treatment in Your Budget!

Technokill Pest Services carry out treatments that may involve applying insecticides direct to the nest or aerosols or dust in or around the entrance points of nests. In most circumstances, we can provide a fixed price for the treatment of wasps. High-level treatments can be provided without the use of expensive access equipment.

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