What are Clothes Moth Control?

The majority of moths found in the UK (approx 2,500 species) are harmless, however, a few are seen as pests due to the damage their larvae cause to materials, textiles, and stored food products. Unlike some other pests, cloth moths pose no health risks as they do not transmit diseases. Cloth moths hold a vital role within our wildlife ecosystem.

About Moths:

The two most common types of moths are:

  1. Clothes and carpet moths– the larvae of Clothes Moth Control eat through and cause damage to fabrics such as wool, cotton, and carpets.
  2. Food moths – food or ‘pantry’ moths eat stored food products in kitchens and larder storage areas.


You will know that you have a cloth moth infestation by noticing the damage that they have caused to fabrics or you will see them.

Treatment Types for Moths:

  1. Heat Treatment
  2. Steam Treatment
  3. Freeze Treatment
  4. Chemical Treatment



The Clothes Moth Control is a significant pest, the larvae feeding on a wide variety of materials of animal origin such as woolens, furs, etc. Damage from larval feeding can be severe and the larvae are often difficult to detect since they shun the light.

Outdoors, adults are on the wing from May to September. Indoors, adults are found all year round.

How To Control Moths?

Our treatment for cloth Clothes Moth Control consists of tracing the source of the infestation, removing and destroying any infested foodstuffs, and then applying a residual insecticide to infested areas.

  • We always take care to select a non-staining insecticide if soft furnishings are to be treated. Additionally, an ultra-low volume application of insecticide can prove effective. We often use monitoring traps to aid in determining the level of infestation.
  • Whilst there is no difficulty in controlling these moths, it is essential that a thorough treatment is carried out and that every possible larval development site is treated.


They may be found in association with birds’ and mammals’ nests, therefore these possibilities should also be checked when tracing the source of the infestation.

Heat Treatment Solutions:


  • Same day eradication guaranteed
  • Includes all stages of the life cycle, adults, nymphs, larva, and eggs
  • A premium service, becoming more and more popular due to its rapid results.


How Can We Remove Moths from Your Home Or Business?


    1. Heat Treatment

Heat treatment for cloth moths is our most effective solution, giving instant results on the same day. The heat kills cloth moths at all stages of the lifecycle, including eggs, meaning all traces are eradicated.

    1. Steam Treatment

A newer method of eradication, steam treatment is best used for moths that have infested clothing or other fabrics.

    1. Freeze Treatment

Another good option to eradicate cloth moths that have infested fabrics, freeze treatment doesn’t damage the materials that are being treated. Freezing can be done off-site and we can collect the infected item and return it after it has been treated.

    1. Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment for moths is fully effective in the weeks after the treatment is carried out. It isn’t effective on eggs or larvae, so you need for them to become moths before they can be killed.

Get in touch with us today and our specialists can advise which method would be the most effective for your moth infestation.


Moths In Your House or Business?

Once inside your home, some moths – such as Clothes Moth Control or Carpet Moths can severely damage natural fibers (such as wool, silk, or cotton) in carpets, Clothes Moth Control , fabrics, fur, and even leather items. Moth caterpillars cause damage by eating the protein (keratin) found in natural materials. This potentially puts your delicate items at particular risk of damage, especially if they are left stored in draws, wardrobes, or under the bed for long periods of time.

Contact Us Now for Quick Infestation!

If you think you may have an infestation, Contact Us quickly, so treatment of the cloth moths and their larvae can begin, as left unchecked the problem can swiftly spread to other areas of your property.

Guaranteed Services!

Our service is guaranteed. If the problem is persistent, we will re-visit free of charge to fully eradicate the moth infestation. Fully qualified and insured we have grown to become the leading cloth moth’s pest Control Company in London and Nottingham.

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