What Are Carpet Beetles Control and What Do They Look Like?

Carpet Beetles Control come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Generally, the carpet beetle looks like a ladybird in shape with its color ranging from brown to black and even yellow and white. Adult carpet beetles are usually 2-3mm in length.

Species Of Carpet Beetles:

There are three common species of carpet beetle:

  1. Anthrenus verbasci, the varied carpet beetle
  2. Anthrenus museum, the museum beetle
  3. Anthrenus scrophutanae, the common carpet beetle


The Carpet Beetles Control is one of the most common pest species in Britain, surpassing the clothes moth in the amount of damage it causes.

Damage Caused by Carpet Beetles:

The larvae can be destructive pests of woolen materials, furs, leather, and carpets. Damage can also occur to furniture where there are fabrics and materials of animal origin used in their construction. Occasionally stored food products are attacked. In common with other insects bearing hairs, skin contact with the larvae may irritate.

Controlling Carpet Beetles:

Treatment consists of identifying the extent of an infestation and then treatment of affected areas with a residual insecticide. At CSS we also make thorough checks to ensure that old bird nesting material or similar is not harboring infestation. If your carpets are to be treated then we will take great care to use an insecticide that will not stain or otherwise damage the carpet.

Where Are Carpet Beetles Found?

Adult carpet beetle tends to live in the outdoors and eat nectar and pollen, making them less likely to be a pest. Although towards late summer they are extremely likely to enter your home and lay up to 40 eggs at a time in any natural fibers, such as curtains and carpets. The eggs hatch as larvae within 2 to 3 weeks and it is these larvae – sometimes called Woolly Bears – that do major damage because their diet consists of any natural fiber such as carpets, soft furnishings, and clothes, they can severely affect the quality of your furnishings – hence the need for carpet beetle control.

Professional Control Is Needed!

DIY products can deal with the problem in the short term, but professional treatment by a qualified carpet beetle control technician is often necessary to deal with them in the long term.

Technokill pest solutions technicians have a comprehensive range of powerful insecticides to deal with Carpet Beetles Control.

After Treatment Don’t!

Do not sweep, brush, mop, vacuum, or clean the area that has been sprayed for at least 14 days, this is to let the insecticide work through the insects’ life cycle which we are trying to break. If after 14 days there is still activity then a second treatment may be required. All second treatments are charged at 50% of the cost for the first treatment.

What Is a Varied Carpet Beetle?

The official name for the varied carpet beetle is Anthrenus verbasci, they are small, about 3mm in length, and flat in their shape. But the main difference is that the varied carpet beetle does not feed on blood. Also once magnified, the varied Carpet Beetles Controllarvae actually look like tiny furry caterpillars with little spines on them, whereas the bed bug larvae look like little worms. The varied carpet beetle from their name, feed on natural fibers when they are in larval forms, such as wools, silks, fur, and carpets.

Signs Of Carpet Beetles:

Carpet Beetles Control are a nuisance pest and they will eat your fabrics. This can be costly, but they are not a risk to your health. It is difficult to see signs of carpet beetles because they tend to feed in dark undisturbed places, such as underneath furniture. You are actually much more likely to see the adult beetles themselves. Carpet beetles will get inside through any opening or space in the exterior of a property and lay their eggs near a food source.

Call Technokill Professionals Now to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles!

Identifying Carpet Beetles Control before they hatch and start to breed and infest a property is very hard. If you are seeing a lot of carpet beetles, you can call on a pest professional to help control varied carpet beetles and stop them from returning.

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