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A term used for the destructive larvae of the Common Furniture Beetle.

Wood Worms create afresh round holes in wooden surfaces, often accompanied by tiny piles of wood dust beneath them. Fresh holes show clean white wood inside. The holes are made by emerging adult beetles, immature grubs may still be tunneling away inside the wood.

The adult Furniture Beetle is a small brown insect 3mm to 6mm long which flies quite readily. It lays eggs on rough, unpolished wood and the grubs bore straight into the wood – leaving no trace until they emerge as beetles three years or so later, usually between May and September.

woodworms is frequently introduced into the house in second-hand furniture, tea chests, or wicker-work but the beetles are quite capable of flying in through a window from nearby dead branches of trees. They may then attack floorboards, joinery, and, more seriously, structural timbers such as rafters and joists.

How We Can Help?

We treat woodworms in joists, rafters, and floorboards, or any infested wooden door frame and furniture by painting or spraying with a residual insecticide.

Our treatment is not guaranteed by insurance which some will need if selling a property.

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